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Flatwater Tubing

Flat water tubing is our flagship offering for the Berkeley Springs area. For the rest of the 2018 Season we will only be sending tubers down the Potomac River. Next Season we will have river trips on the Cacapon River. We have 5 Sections of the Potomac River that we utilize for tubing trips. We have distance and time information the Potomac River Page.

Read more about the Potomac River here.

Potomac River Float
There are 5 sections of river that make up this float. Each section ranges between 3 and 6 miles long, we reserve the right to change which section we shuttle to for the day, depending on river conditions and weather. All sections are flat water trips and will take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours to complete depending on river conditions.

Your float day will begin either with Crafts Adventures Shuttle picking you up at your hotel or B&B, or meeting us at the designated launch point. You’ll be issued a tube, life preserver, and instruction on how to use the tube. At this point, it’s a great time for a group photo or selfie stop, so please don’t forget to ask our staff to take the photos! Each reservation receives a cooler float if you have brought a cooler as well. You’ll leave the launch point and float down the river to the designated pull out point. Our staff will instruct you on what to look for at the pull out point. Our staff will meet you at the pull out, where you will load back on the Shuttle, and depending on how you got to the launch point will determine where we go from there.

Guide: Self-Guided
Class: Flatwater – less than class 1
Minimum Booking: We cannot send single riders down the river, there must be 2 people per registration.

Rental Information
All of our tubes are deluxe 53″ round tubes with Mesh center and include a headrest and 2 cup holders.

Each package includes the following equipment:

  • Deluxe 53″ Tube rental
  • Life Vest Rental
  • 1 Cooler Tube Per booking
  • Shuttle Service

Groups and Discounts
Discounts are available for Community clubs and organizations, church groups and large parties over 15 people. Please call to book large parties while we work on setting up the online booking system to apply those discounts.

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